Overnight Board Rates

$40.00 per pet per day.
     (Please note, prices are based on a 24 hour period so if you drop at 8:30a on day 1 and pick up at 5:30p on day 2, that’s 1.5 days so the charge would be $60.)
Discount for additional dogs! First dog is $40.00 and any other dog sharing run is 50% or $20.00 per pet per day.
All our kennel runs are heated and air-conditioned for your doggie’s comfort!

DayPlay Rates

Maybe your dog needs a day to play with others or to relax in a large play area while you are at work or in town shopping. We have the perfect solution and your dog will love it… our doggy day care for only $25.00 for the day.
Whether you are boarding your pet overnight or s/he is just coming for the day, the following two forms need to be filled out and returned to us. Once you’ve filled them out, please call or email us to make your reservation.
Filling out these forms will expedite your reservation, but you do need to call 434-361-1880 or email to reserve your dog’s stay.

Hours of Operation – 7 days a week,  dropoff/pickup 8-9 am and 5-6 pm. 

We accept Cash or Check. Thank you!